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Buying Clothes 買衣服

Kaitlyn : May I help you ?
凱特林 : 我可以幫你嗎?
Tyler : Yes, I'm looking for a pair of trousers.
泰勒 : 是的,我正在尋找一條褲子。
Kaitlyn : What colour would you like ?
凱特林 : 你喜歡什麼顏色?
Tyler: Black.
泰勒 : 黑色。
Kaitlyn : And what size are you?
凱特林 : 你是穿什麼码?
Tyler : I'm not sure. Can you measure me?
泰勒 : 我不知道。你能帮我测嗎?
Kaitlyn: [measures customer] You're 34" waist. How about these?
凱特林 : [措施顧客]你是34“的腰。這些怎麼樣?
Tyler : What material are they?
泰勒 : 它們是什麼材料?
Kaitlyn : Wool.
凱特林 : 羊毛。
Tyler : Do you have anything in cotton?
泰勒 : 你有什麼棉布吗?
Kaitlyn: Yes, these.
凱特林 : 是的,這些。
Tyler : Can I try them on?
泰勒 : 我可以試穿吗 ?
Kaitlyn: Of course. The fitting room's over there.
凱特林 : 當然。那邊的試衣間。
Tyler : [tries trousers] They're a little long. Do you have anything shorter?
泰勒 : [嘗試長褲]他們是有點長。你有更短的東西嗎?
Kaitlyn: These are shorter.
凱特林 : 這些都是短裤。
Tyler : I'll take them.
泰勒 : 那我就买下它吧。

Eating Out 外出就餐

Kaitlyn : Good evening.
凱特林 :晚上好。
Tyler : Looking a table for two please.
泰勒 : 是的,我正在尋找兩個位桌子。
Kaitlyn : Certainly. Just here, sir.
凱特林 : 當然可以。就在這裡,先生。
Tyler: Could we sit by the window?
泰勒 : 可以给我們坐在靠窗吗?
Kaitlyn : Pardon. The window tables are all reserved.
凱特林 : 很抱歉。窗口位全都有保留了。
Kaitlyn: Are you ready to order, sir ?
凱特林 : 你準備好點菜了嗎,先生?
Tyler : Yes. I'll have tomato soup for starters and my wife would like prawn cocktail.
泰勒 : 是的。我得喝點西紅柿湯,起動器和我的妻子會喜歡大蝦雞尾酒。
Kaitlyn : One tomato soup and one prawn cocktail. What would you like for main course?
凱特林 : 一個番茄湯和一個蝦雞尾酒。主菜,你會想什麼 ?
Tyler : I'll have the plaice and my wife would like the shepherd's pie.
泰勒 : 我得鰈魚和我的妻子想牧羊人的餡餅。
Kaitlyn: I'm afraid the plaice is off.
凱特林 : 我怕鰈關閉。
Tyler : Oh dear. What do you recommend?
泰勒 : 哦,親愛的。你有什麼建議嗎?
Kaitlyn : The steak pie is very good.
凱特林 : 牛排餅非常好。 Tyler : OK I'll have that.
泰勒 : 好吧,我有。 Kaitlyn : Would you like anything to drink?
凱特林 : 你想喝點什麼? Tyler : Yes, a bottle of red wine please.
泰勒 : 是的,一瓶紅酒。

Open a bank account 开银行户口

Mary : Good morning, can I help you?
瑪麗 :早上好,我可以幫你嗎?
Bell : Yes, I'd like to open a deposit account.
貝爾 : 是的,我想開個儲蓄帳戶。
Mary: Certainly Sir. Would you like a Silver or a Gold account?
瑪麗 :當然,主席先生。你會像一條銀或金帳戶?
Bell : What's the difference?
貝爾 : 有什麼區別?
Mary: You can open a Silver account with just $5. The account comes with a cash card so you can withdraw your money at any time. The Silver account currently pays 5% interest. For the Gold account you need a minimum of $500, and you have to give 14 days notice to withdraw money. The interest rate is 6.5%.
瑪麗 : 您可以打開一個銀賬戶僅為5美元和有帳戶現金卡,這樣你就可以在任何時候收回你的錢。目前銀帳戶支付5%的利息。對於金帳戶至少需要500元,你必須給予14天通知去取錢。利率為6.5%。
Bell : I'll go for the Silver account.
貝爾 : 我選擇銀帳戶。
Mary: How much would you like to deposit?
瑪麗 : 你想存多少錢?
Bell : $100
貝爾 : 100美元
Mary: And we'll need two proofs of ID; telephone bill, driver's license, credit card statement etc.
瑪麗 : 我們將需要兩样證明身份證,電話賬單,駕駛執照,信用卡帳單等。
Bell : I'm sorry, I don't have any of those on me. I'll come back tomorrow.
貝爾 : 對不起,我沒有任何那些文件。我明天再來

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